Why be an Au Pair?

First of all, if you do not like children or you do not have any experience whatsoever in looking after children, don’t do it.  It is not for you.  Children are an Au Pair’s main responsibility; your time will revolve around them and their routines.

If you do like children, you have some experience and want to look after them, then … why not?

Being an Equipeople Au Pair will give you the chance to improve your childcare experience, discover the Irish culture and visit Ireland.

Travelling is most young person’s dream, but some don’t have the funding or the courage to go into the unknown alone.  As an Equipeople Au Pair, you get the peace of mind that we are here 24/7 in the event that something goes wrong.  All our host families have been visited and vetted by a member of our team; are regularly reassessed for suitability and know what we expect for our Au Pairs.  We only work through trusted partner organisations across Europe and treat every application personally.  We do our best to create the best match for both our Au Pairs and our host families, but are here in the event of an issue.  If there is a problem, we will fix it but you need to tell us about it!  A member of the Equipeople team will regularly give you a phone call to ensure all is running smoothly.  If there is a problem or you have a random question, feel free to ask.  Of course, you do not have to wait until your scheduled phone call, you can reach us any time and all our contact details will be provided to you at the start of your experience.

Living with a host family means that there is always a sense of security for our Au Pairs.  You will be treated like a member of the family and will be respected like any other person in the home.  (Just remember – respect works both ways!)

You will get plenty of opportunities to visit Ireland and your host family will be more than happy to help you with your plans.  Living with an Irish family will ensure that you soak up the Irish culture, but of course, it is up to you to make the most of your stay.

Equipeople Au Pairs will do our bit to help you make this an unforgettable time away.  As soon as a placement is secured, we will provide you with public transport details from the airport to your host family.  We will ensure the host family is aware of your arrival time and is ready and waiting at the bus stop to welcome you to your new home.  In addition to this, you should have a Welcome Pack waiting for you when you get there.  The Welcome Pack will contain information on Ireland, tourism, childcare as well as a list of contacts of all students in work placements in Ireland whilst you are here.  We encourage our Au Pairs to meet up with other students, be it other Au Pairs or some of our agricultural students, to get together, make new friends and discover Ireland communally.