How to apply

In order to apply you need to complete an application form. Please also read our Terms & Conditions and if you agree to these, please sign and return them with the application. A member of the Equipeople Au Pair team will call you to help guide you through the application process.

If you would like us to send you out our information leaflet, application forms or if you have a question, just contact us or fill in the online Enquiry Form.

Upon receipt of your signed documents, an Equipeople Representative will call in to you at your convenience to complete our initial visit and to answer any further questions you may have. This helps us to assess the type of applicant that will best suit your needs. There is no obligation, but once the visit has been made, you can contact us whenever you need an extra pair of hands.

Au Pairs are now employees under Irish employment law and hence have the same employments rights and obligations as Irish employees ie. PRSI payments, employment contract stating minimum wage, max. working hours, job specification etc.. You will also need to have an Employer’s Liability insurance or hold a Casual Labour policy with your insurer. A lot of home insurance policies have the added possibility of covering an Au Pair under the same policy, speak to your insurance broker about your options. We will need a copy of your up to date insurance policy before we can send you an Au Pair. This is for your own safety and peace of mind. Our new families are finding this administration aspect to organising the Au Pair allows them to think through exactly how they want the Au Pair to integrate with their family and the time spent planning is invaluable for the smooth introduction of this new member of the family.

The fees payable to Equipeople will be paid in two instalments.  €250 plus VAT is a non-refundable deposit to new host families and is a once only payment.  The remaining balance of €450 plus VAT is due two weeks prior to the arrival of your au pair.  (This balance is reduced to €200 plus VAT for summer au pairs, i.e. those au pairs staying for 3 to 4 months).

We will offer you a number of Au Pairs which we feel will suit your family. We ask you to let us know which Au Pairs you would like to contact. We then encourage you to contact the Au Pair a number of times via phone, e-mail and skype. This is an important part of the interview process. We suggest you discuss at lenght what is involved in the position and encourage the Au Pair to ask questions. Once you have selected one of our candidates we send them information about your family; who you are, your family members, where in the country you live, detailed information about your home, farm or yard.

We also supply the student with photographs, so to help us with this, please send us pictures of you and your family, your home and the room which will be theirs.

Don’t forget to have your lists ready for your student:

  • House Rules – What behaviour is acceptable and what isn’t. This is for both the children and the Au Pair. This is your home; don’t be afraid to lay down the rules.
  • Daily Chores/Timetable – Describe your family routine. Indicate what tasks need to be done on a daily basis i.e. clear away after mealtimes; prepare a light meal for the children when they get home from school; sweep the kitchen floor; put on a wash etc.
  • Weekly Chores – Divide your home into zones and pick a day of the week when you want a certain zone cleaned, for instance, Mondays: Mop the kitchen floor; Tuesdays: Clean the children’s (Family) bathroom; Wednesday: Iron the children’s clothes; etc.
  • “Rainy Day” Chores – This list will describe chores that you keep meaning to get around to doing, but never have the time to do. The tasks indicated on this list are things your Au Pair can do for you when she is having a “quiet day” or is looking for something to do. This could include: sort out children’s play room/toys; clean the oven; wipe the skirting boards etc.
  • Children’s Favourite Activities – Give your Au Pair some ideas on what your children like to do. What are their favourite games, do they enjoy certain sports, what are their favourite toys…

Also of benefit is to have a short letter of introduction available. This would briefly describe your family, your family’s hobbies and your expectations.

These documents only need to be produced once. They will make the placement run more smoothly without you having to repeat yourself over and over again. It allows the Au Pair to work independently and with a sense of responsibility, rather than being “nagged”.

For more details or should you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us.