Why choose an Au Pair?

  • When was the last time you drank your tea / coffee hot?
  • Can you remember ever walking into the house after a day’s work and not sighing at the state of the kitchen? Or the pile of washing in the laundry basket?
  • How is doing your food shopping with two young children in tow working out for you?
  • When did you last get out with your partner for a meal without having to worry about babysitters?
  • Would you love to just sit down for a couple of hours and actually “play” with your children?

Do I need to go on? Being a mother, father or guardian of young children is hard work when trying to balance school, work, hobbies, children’s extra-curricular activities as well as the house work. An Au Pair is that “extra pair of hands” you need when one child is asking you to play with them, whilst the other has just poured their cup of orange juice over themselves and you are trying to cook the family meal.

An Au Pair is the person that will look after your children whilst you are getting ready for work or want to go for a walk around the block to get some exercise. She is the one that will be at home tidying up the kitchen whilst you are out doing your job and she is the one that will supervise the children whilst you do the food shopping.

An Au Pair’s role is varied. Her principal role is that of childcare. She is there to help you look after your children. She can play with them, supervise them, take them for walks, help bath and dress them, help put them to bed, prepare light meals for them and keep them occupied.
Although an Au Pair is not a qualified child minder, she will have some experience looking after children, be it babysitting the neighbour’s children or having done an internship in a crèche or playschool.

Further to this, an Au pair also helps out in the household. She will help tidy up the kitchen, mop the floors, vacuum, keep the children’s bedrooms clean, help prepare family meals and do some of the children’s laundry and ironing.

Some of our Au Pairs come with an agricultural background or have worked with horses. These Au Pairs would be suitable to accompany your children to their pony clubs, supervise their riding, help with tacking up ponies/horses and stable maintenance. Some might be keen to help milk cows in the morning or check the cattle for you in the afternoon.

When you factor in the cost of childcare in Ireland and add on the cost of a home help, it can be very economical as well. Do bear in mind – our Au Pairs are not cheap labour, if we feel a host family is treating any of our girls as such, we will no longer be in a position to provide that family with an Equipeople Au Pair.

We can provide two types of Au Pair placement:

  • 3 months (minimum length of stay) up to 12 months (maximum length of stay)
  • Summer Au Pair (June to September)