“It’s a lifestyle choice for me. I love my family, my horses and my business too much to give any of them up. If I didn’t have an extra pair of hands, the dinner wouldn’t be on the table, the kids would not be out to school in time, the horses would not be groomed and fed and my husband and I would never have any free time together! Most recently, when my mum was a bit under the weather and I had to help her out, Eliska really rose to the challenge. Without Eliska I would not have time to spend riding my horse and taking some time for myself.”
Tara, Kilcock

“Before having an Au Pair I was stressed, the house was upside down, nothing seemed to be organised and if any of the children were sick it was a nightmare. It just wasn’t working for us as a family. The advantages of having home help with someone living in are endless. For a start, the children benefit from the stability of having one-on-one care with the Au Pair. She’s enthusiastic and does lots of activities inside and out with them. The children are in their own home environment and routine so are relaxed and content. The house is now organised and tidy and the family’s lifestyle has improved, making it easier to get out on Saturdays to do things such as walking the Wicklow Mountains and the beach. Apart from the help when I am working, I feel I have more free time for me to do the things I want to do.”
Maeve, Maynooth

“Having Gina around is a blessing, without her help I would not be able to focus on the management of the businesses and do the things I enjoy doing such as the interiors and spending time with the children. The calibres of Au Pairs I have got through Equipeople have been fantastic. They settle in quickly to the role, family and community and are great company to have around too.”
Barbara, Kilkenny

“Our Au Pair arrived well over a month ago now! She has been great. She’s really friendly, great with the kids and is very enthusiastic! Which is fantastic after our last girl who was great but had no enthusiasm which I found very difficult. She has been thrown in the deep end…..every day here is different, she has been to the horse show, Dublin touring, pony shows, the beach, field days, swimming, cycling and plenty of horsey action including taking the kids over the Wicklow mountains ending at a great pub in Glenmalure ! She seems very happy and I hope she is. Her parents are coming over in October so she will tour with them for a week, the Ring of Kerry etc. which will be great for her and them. Plus perfect timing for her to have a wee break. (Well-earned by then I am sure)
She has contacted a few other girls on your list but they are about an hour drive away so she hasn’t managed to meet up with them yet but I am working on it. Just the logistics are a little tricky with so little public transport near us!”
Lucy, Tinahely