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Tips on just about everything in relation to Children, Discipline, Healthy Living, Recipes: – Disney’s Website packed with loads of fun ideas and recipes – Disney’s Website for babies – Disney’s Family Website – Famous for healthy children’s recipes –TV show teaching parents and children discipline and respect – Useful tips on Parenting from the Baby Whisperer– Useful tips on Parenting Babies from Gina Ford – Useful tips on Parenting Toddlers from Gina Ford

HSE Useful Links on Child Safety and Caring for Babies and Children: – Preventing Accidents – Basic First Aid – Wall chart – Caring for Babies and Young Children

Children Information Websites and Days Out: – Really useful website for Irish Parents – Government Website providing information to parents in relation to childcare and education – Excellent website incorporating tips on just about everything – Learning by playing, tips per age (Up to 12 years old)

Some of the well-known TV channels: – Tiny Pops – CBeebies (BBC) – CBBC (BBC) – Nickelodeon -Disney – National Geographic for School-Age Children – National Geographic for Young Children

Interactive Children’s Websites: – Learn about animals – Fun facts about the weather, make your own tornedo – Musical Instruments, create your own orchestra – Discovery Channel for children

Behaviour contract for an older child:

Spiderman Chore Chart

Rainbow Butterfly Chore Chart